To assign a subject to a class, the subject (How to add subjects) and/or class (How to add classes) has to be created before it can be assigned. Assigning a subject to a class is done as follows:

1.   Go to ‘Academic’

2.   Click on ‘Classes’

3.   Click on ‘Assign Subjects’

4.   Select a school level (Nursery, Primary etc.). All classes for the selected school level appears in the tray (by left) and all subjects for that class also appears (middle)

5.   Select the class you want to assign the subjects to

6.   Select the subject(s) to be added from the list. (To select multiple subjects use CTRL click)

7.   Click on 'assign' on the top right corner of the middle tray (subject list) and the subjects will be moved to the tray on the right (assigned class subject) for the assigned class. 

To remove subject(s) from a class, follow step 1 to 5. All the subjects assigned to that class will be displayed on the right tray (assigned class subject). Select the subject(s) you want to remove and click on the 'remove' on the top right corner of the tray.

Please note: Subject(s) that is in use and records have been generated for it in the past cannot be deleted. Also, subjects that have been assigned to a teacher cannot also be removed.

Furthermore, Nersapp requires that you indicate (in figure) a minimum number of subjects offered in a particular class. This is to help the app calculate the appropriate cumulative average for each student in each class when processing results. Therefore, remember to indicate it in the ‘minimum number of subject’ tray and click on save to effect it.