Class category refers to the departments or classification of classes (Science, Commercial, Art, etc.) available in a school. To create a class category,

1.   Go to ‘Academic’

2.   Click on ‘classes’

3.   Select ‘Add’

4.   From ‘Class category name’ section, type a name for the category

5.   Describe the category if necessary

6.   Click on ‘Add’

Created ‘class category’ appears below the ‘class category’ section and can be modified. To do that, simply click on the pencil icon beside the class category to be edited, and it takes you to the environment to make changes. After the change(s) is done, click on ‘update’ to save changes.

To delete a class category from the list of class categories available, click on the (x) sign and select ok. 

Please note - categories that classes have been attached to and scores are generated for a subject in such classes cannot be deleted.