Subjects are courses taught in the school. This part takes care of creating the subject(s) that would be used across the school level. To create a subject, follow the steps below:

1.   Go to ‘Academic’ from the menu

2.   Click on ‘Subjects’

3.   ‘Select school level’ (Nursery, Primary, etc.)

4.   Select a category from the ‘select category’ (How to add subject category) tray that the subject would be under

5.   Give the subject a name and short name (an abbreviation) from the ‘subject info.’ Section

6.   Give a ‘subject description’ if necessary

7.   Click ‘Add Subject’.

The created subject appears in the box below and can be modified or edited. To do that, simply click on the pencil icon beside the subject name to be edited, and it takes you to the environment to make changes. After the change(s) is done, click on ‘update’ to save changes.

To delete a subject from the list of subjects available, click on the (x) sign and select ok. 

Please note - subject(s) that have been added to a class and scores have been generated for that subject and class cannot be deleted.