Thank you for signing up to use NERSAPP. The following steps will help you to set up your portal

General Settings

Step 1: Setup Admin Profile

Step 2: Setup school profile and edit school Type/levels 

Step 3: Set your portal layout and look 

Step 4: Add Session 

Step 5: Add Term

Academic Module Settings

Step 6: Add Classes

Step 7: Add Subjects 

Step 8: Add Grading System

Step 9: Add CAE System

Step 10: Add behavior and Skill System

Step 11: Set session and Term for the whole school and for admin

Step 12: Set class Grade System for the term for each class

Step 13: Set class CAE System for the term for each class

Step 14: Set report card Layout and content for each class

Members Module Settings

Step 15: Enable members to have portal access

Step 16: Setup members mail restriction
Step 17: Set Members ID Pattern

Step 18: Add members 

More academic Settings

Step 19: Assign teachers to subjects and classes

Step 20: Assign subjects to classes and set a minimum number of subjects

Step 21: Allow/disallow manager from viewing academic records

Step 22: Allow/disallow manager to handle Academic records

Step 23: Set Academic Head for school levels

Step 24: Set who can approve Grades and BNS Records

Finance Module Settings

Step 25: Add Fee Processing channels

Step 26: Select whom to place payment merchant charges on.

Step 27: Turn invoice to receipts

Step 28:Place managers signature on receipts

Step 29: Allow/disallow manager from viewing fee records

Step 30: Allow/disallow manager to handle fees

Step 31: Send Login details to Members