Subject category refers to the category a subject or group of subjects are added to or placed under to determine where they belong or the form they will take on a result report. Sometimes, some individual subjects can be rated as belonging to one category and as such, merged together. 

For example, English Language, Diction and Phonics can all be referred to as English Studies, where English Studies is the subject category. So when creating the subject category (English Studies), the subjects (English Language, Diction and Phonics) would be placed under English Studies. 

When the result is processed, you can determine that the subjects appear under their different categories (how to set reports template in portal settings).

To create and add a subject category, follow the steps below:

1.  Click on ‘Academic’ module from the menu

2.   Click on ‘Subjects’

3.   ‘Select School Level’ (Nursery, Primary etc.)

4.   Under ‘Category info.’, create a category name for the subject. This category name can be the same name for the subject(s). if that is the case, create the ‘category-name’ with the same as the subject name

5.   Create a short name (an abbreviation) for the category

6.   Create a ‘Subject Description’ if necessary

7.   Create ‘Colours & Weight’ of any choice that the subject category would appear in.

Please note, whenever a field is marked with * that shows such field is a compulsory field and must be filled to proceed

8.   Select ‘Add Category’.

The created subject category appears in the box below and can be modified or edited. To do that, simply click on the pencil icon beside the subject category name, and it takes you to the environment to make changes. After the change(s) is done, click on ‘update’ to save changes.

To delete a subject category from the list of subject categories available, click on the (x) sign and select ok. 

Please note -  subject category that has been added to a class and scores have been generated for that subject category in any class cannot be deleted.