Classes are sections that make a school level. For example JSS1A and JSS1B. To add/update class do the following:

1.   Go to ‘Academic’

2.   Click on ‘classes’

3.   Select ‘Add class’

4.   Select school level (Nursery, Primary, Junior etc.) that you want to create a class under

5.   Select a class category (How to add class category) for the intended class

6.   Select a ‘class level’ for the class to be created.

Please note, for Nursery classes, the ‘class level’ available are from level 1-7, Primary level from 8-16; Junior Secondary level from 17-19; and Senior Secondary level from 20-22

7.   Add the class name and description

8.   Click on ‘Add’ to create

Please note - when a student is promoted from one class to the next, the class level increases. For example, Tom is in JS 1(level 17) and after a session, he gets promoted, Nersapp automatically assigns Tom to a class in JS 2(level 18).

To update a class, follow steps 1 to 3. Under the 'add class' section, you will find all the previously added classes in the last section of the tray. Click on the edit icon on the class you intend to edit and a pop up will allow you to make necessary changes and save.