Members on the school portal can be sorted and searched out easily using the search option on the platform. This helps you to get a quick view or information about a user when searched out on the portal. After searching out members belonging to a particular category, a member can be easily sorted out from the list of names searched. Furthermore, other options or queries have been added to help Nersapp streamline the search further and easier. The following steps can be taken to search for members on the school portal:

1.   Go to ‘Members’ from the menu

2.   Click on ‘Manage members’ sub menu

3.   Select the member type (student, parent, teacher or manager) on the top left corner

4.   Select from the list of options available, when any of the check boxes that you prefer to search by is selected

5.   Click on the ‘Search’ icon to load option(s) selected

6.   From the loaded records, (if you wish) type a name in the search box below to isolate a member from the list to ease the search.