To send SMS in Nersapp is just as easy as any other SMS platform, like using a mobile device. And of course, it can also be sent either to a few persons or to multiple persons on the platform within a given school. However, before messages can be sent using SMS method, SMS units have to be available, if not, then it should be purchased (How to Buy SMS credit). To send SMS to a few persons, follow the steps below:

1.       Go to ‘Pmail’ on the menu

2.       Click on ‘mailbox’ submenu

3.       Click ‘compose’

4.       Select ‘SMS’ and ‘Send to few’

5.       ‘Add recipients’ by typing in the name of the recipient in the appropriate column

6.       Enter a ‘Sender ID’

7.       Type in the body of the message

8.       Click ‘send’

Please note: By default, all member category checkboxes in ‘which members?’ section are all checked and should remain that way when following step 5.