Nersapp messaging module can be used to send and receive messages amongst school members within a given school. Nersapp is so smart that messages can be sent to either to a few persons or to all members in a category (Student, Parent, Teacher or Manager), and sending messages using Nersapp can either be as email/ private message (PMS) or as short message service (SMS).

Sending messages to all means a message would be sent all at once to all members in a selected category. To send messages to multiple recipients, follow the steps below:

1.       Go to ‘Pmail’ on the menu

2.       Click on ‘mailbox’ submenu

3.       Click ‘compose’

4.       Select ‘PMS’ and ‘Send to all’

5.       Select from ‘which members?’ section the intended recipient(s)

6.       Enter ‘Email subject’ if available

7.       Type in the body of the message

8.       Click ‘send’