The event Module helps admin and members to keep a calender of events/activities happening in the school such as inter-house Sport and PTA. Follow this simple guideline to add events:

  1. Click on ‘Events’ on the menu.

  2. Click on ‘Add Events’ submenu.

  3. Click on ‘Select Event Icon’ (This help you set the priority of the event as Normal, Important, Respond, Personal, secure, timely).

  4. Enter ‘Event Title’ you title your upcoming event for example; Upcoming PTA Meeting.

  5. Enter ‘Event Lint’ if your upcoming event has an internal or external link. You might want to link the upcoming event to a social media post or a web post(Note: it is optional)

  6. Enter ‘Event Description’ a short description about your upcoming event (it is optional with a maximum length of 200 characters)

  7. Click on ‘Select Event Color’ here you have a range of color for you event.

  8. Click on ‘Add Event’ to add the Event Tray

  9. Click and drag the event to the proposed day. Note: You can also click the right side of the event day to extend the event to days or weeks or change the allocated day.

  10. Click ‘Showing’ on the top right corner to view events by month, week or day.